IQryptParseFile is derived from ParseFile and it automatically encrypt the file with RND encryption scheme.

Creating a file

byte[] data = "My data is my data, nobody should be able to exploit it!".getBytes();
IQryptParseFile file = new IQryptParseFile("myfile.txt", data);

Assign the file to an IQryptParseObject

IQryptParseObject obj= new IQryptParseObject("MyClass");
obj.put("myFile", file);

*Notice that you don't have to set that the field "myFile" should be encrypted via IQryptConfigurator.encryptField(...) method, because the file was already IQryptParseFile instance.

Read the content back

ParseFile myFile = (ParseFile)obj.get("myFile");
myFile.getDataInBackground(new GetDataCallback() {
  public void done(byte[] data, ParseException e) {
    if (e == null) {
      byte[] decryptedContent = IQryptParseFile.decrypt(data);
    } else {
      // something went wrong