IQrypt is now open source

We are really happy to announce that based on feedback we got, we will Open Source all our SDKs. We started today by releasing the .NET SDK and on coming weeks, we’ll release also the Java(Android) SDK and also Swift(iOS) SDK.

IQrypt SDK is an encryption library that can be embedded into Mobile or IoT applications and its goal is to encrypt data that will be stored in a cloud database but preserving the ability to query that data without decrypting it.  This .NET version we are releasing today provides libraries for .NET 4.5, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

We eagerly waiting for feedback from community and strongly committed to change the way that companies store the data in the cloud.

You can inspect the source code on Github ; we will be really happy to get feedback from you!

Encrypt and stay safe!

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