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What is IQrypt

IQrypt is a SDK that encrypts database records on the device before they are transmitted to the cloud and it allows queries over encrypted data without decrypting it. It integrates easily with many mobile and IoT cloud backends and popular NoSQL databases.

Key features

encrypts your data on the client side

let the server do queries on the encrypted data without decrypting

distribute and manage encryption keys in highly secure way

seamless integration with Google Firebase and Parse-Server

you can store the data in MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, CouchDB


make your encrypted data searchable

make your app HIPAA compliant, contact us for more details

make your app PCI compliant

embed security and privacy in your IoT product

reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Use cases


Mobile technology in healthcare(mhealth) is growing as an increasing number of patients adopt various health apps and devices. Using IQrypt, mhealth solution providers will be able to make their apps HIPAA compliant using their preferred cloud backend. IQrypt protects your patient’s privacy and your reputation.


From personal finance management to online banking, FinTech is one of the most promising industries, however moving such sensitive data to the cloud lead to challenging issues in regards to security and privacy. IQrypt helps companies that provides FinTech solutions secure their data and permits the companies to use any public cloud service to store the data without risk of exposure.


Legal companies help their clients with patents, trademarks, copyright, contracts, licensing etc. They need flexible software to manage their client data and have to connect from everywhere using any device. Cloud computing helps software makers to achieve this, but putting the data in the cloud raises serious concerns regarding who will be able to access that data. Using IQrypt, software makers are able to guarantee security and privacy for their customers.

Internet of Things

Gartner expects the IoT market will have 26 billion installed units by 2020, everything from thermostats and cars to medical diagnostic tools. Despite an increasing number of IoT solutions, security and privacy remains the biggest obstacle for adoption. Using IQrypt, IoT solution providers can guarantee privacy for their users.

For Developers

  • simplicity - there is no need to bother with converting different data types, with IQrypt any object can be encrypted into a String.
  • focus on your app business needs and let the encryption be handled right by IQrypt. Just set the key and GO.
  • fast, really fast... unnoticeable! we often hear that encryption slow your stuff; Try it yourself! on a small Raspberry PI it only takes 1ms/record
  • queries, even complex queries over encrypted data - how? take a look how it works.
  • you can encrypt data stored in MongoDB, CouchDB, DynamoDB and more.

IQrypt is built with love by developers for developers. See the docs to see how simple it is to use our SDK.

About Us.

Our team has built IQrypt from scratch with security and privacy in mind. We believe that companies should take advantages of public cloud services and outsource their IT infrastructure but not their data.

Sorry, IQrypt is no longer maintained.

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